Lääne County


Beautiful beaches, bird-watching points, St Olaf’s wooden church


Swimming, sunbathing, surfing, diving, kiteboarding, fishing, hiking, bicycling, visiting heritage culture objects, picking berries and mushrooms


RMK Nõva nature centre-information point


Tel: +372 676 7180, +372 508 1180


E-mail: nova.looduskeskus@rmk.ee


address Peraküla Village, Nõva Rural Municipality, 91111 Lääne County

Manager of the protected areas

Hiiu-Lääne-Saare region of the Environmental Board


To find out about the possibilities for an active holiday in the RMK Nõva recreation area, visit the homepage of RMK partner Matkad.ee

Recreation area map

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The most north-western piece of land in Estonia, the RMK Nõva recreation area is one of the most original and diverse areas in Estonia. The surroundings mostly untouched by civilisation and the sparse level of settlement are what attract nature admirers. The Nõva coastal region fascinates beach revellers and surfers, the abundance of bilberries and cowberries in the woods draws in berry pickers as well as scientists. The traces of the Neugrund meteorite crater – breccias – and a lot of relicts from the last ice-age – erratic – are there for you to discover.

The largest lakes of the area – Tänavjärv and Veskijärv – are known for their abundance of fish; in smaller lake-beds, a sight for sore eyes is the white water lily. The interest of dendrologists should be satisfied by seeing the rare yew growing in continental Estonia. Other sights also located in the recreation area are the oldest active wooden church on the mainland, Põlluotsa Farm Museum, Dirhami fishing port and the most north-western cape of the Estonian mainland – Spithami or Põõsaspea.