Pärnu County


Beautiful beaches, forests and bogs, wonderful bird-watching possibilities, rich historical and cultural heritage




RMK Kabli nature centre-information point


Tel: +372 505 8242


E-mail: kabli.looduskeskus@rmk.ee


address Kabli, Häädemeeste Rural Municipality, 86002 Pärnu County


RMK Varbla nature centre-information point


Tel: +372 676 7161


E-mail: varbla.looduskeskus@rmk.ee


address Varbla, Varbla Rural Municipality, Pärnu County

Manager of the protected areas

Pärnu-Viljandi region of the Environmental Board

Recreation area map

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The Pärnu County recreation area is located in the south-eastern portion of Estonia, on the territories of Saarde, Tahkuranna, Häädemeeste, Audru, Koonga and Varbla rural municipalities. The area is great for both a beach as well as forest holiday. As the Pärnu County recreation area runs along the coast, the sea plays a significant role in determining the face of the area. A costal holiday provides the opportunity to revel in the play of light when the sun is setting into the sea or to listen to the sounds of a pond pine growing, to look for a bright blue kingfisher feather or the footprints of a field mouse, to build sand castles and to enjoy the pleasure of just being. If you cannot or do not want to spend time at the beach, mushroom and berry forests, beautiful woods and marshes and rich historical and cultural heritage offer you plenty of activities. Coastal meadows with their flora and wild birds rich in species are of interest to nature lovers.