Saare County


Sea climate, abundance of relicts, junipers and pastures


Beach holiday, boating, hiking tours on foot and by bicycle, picking berries and mushrooms, organising events and gatherings, nature-watching.


RMK Mustjala nature centre-information point


Tel: +372 457 9737


E-mail: mustjala.looduskeskus@rmk.ee


address Mustjala small town, 93601 Saare County


RMK Mändjala nature house-information point


Tel: +372 676 7762


address Mändjala, Saare County

Manager of the protected areas

Hiiu-Lääne-Saare region of the Environmental Board

Recreation area map

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The Saaremaa recreation area encompasses the islands of Muhu and Saaremaa and the small islands and islets located near them. The delicate, original and relict-abundant nature of the islands offers wonderful possibilities for a multifaceted nature holiday. If you want to learn as much as possible, first visit the Mustjala nature house-information point and the hiking trails there, make a fire on Cape Merise, look at the sea from Veere tower, visit the Konati hiking trail and camping site, and get some military experiences from Derevo hikers' hut.

Saaremaa recreation area is divided into three parts: Leisi, Mustjala and Sõrve.