State forests map

The state forests where you can go to find your Christmas tree are marked in dark green on the map. Protected areas are marked in brown: you are not allowed to cut Christmas trees there. Private forests are marked in light green. You may cut a spruce there only by agreement with the owner. Power lines are marked as blue lines. 

When you select the tree, please follow these simple rules:
  • Cut a tree only where it stands no chance of growing to maturity: along the edges of roads and ditches, under overhead power lines and under old forest.
  • It is strictly prohibited to take trees from young growths. 
  • You must not pick Christmas trees from protected areas.
  • When you choose a Christmas tree under power lines, see that the treetop is at least 3 metres below the lines. When you walk near power lines, look out for loose wires fallen after a storm. When you notice a leaning tree that has fallen on a power line, do not go nearer.
If you like, you may also use the forest register map to find a state forest. Read more here.