Become a climate hero

Every Estonian has a hidden superpower that allows us to conserve our nature. This does not mean flying around like a superhero or stopping time. Instead, it is reducing our ecological footprint.

You can have a holiday and keep the environment clean at the same time!
During holidays, we like to travel and people often prefer going abroad instead of exploring Estonia. RMK´s new app helps many people to discover holiday options in Estonia and replace some trips abroad with taking time off in Estonia. Thus, less CO2 emissions are created because of flying. For instance, a return trip to Tenerife produces about 700 kg of CO2 per person.

The most frequent travellers are people under 29 years of age. In this age group, about 62% of the respondents fly at least once a year. 55% of people aged 30 to 39 years old fly at least once a year.

You can help stop changes in climate!
This is not wishful thinking, because conscious consumption has a real impact on our climate. By choosing products made from wood pulp or fibre instead of synthetic materials, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the air shall be reduced.

Did you know that producing textiles is one of the most polluting industries in the world? The textile industry produces 1,2 billion tonnes of CO2 every year, which is more than in international aviation and sea transport. Even just one pair of jeans produces about 33,4 kg of CO2 from their production to the point of throwing them away, which is equal to driving a car about 111 kilometres.

As a large amount of the carbon dioxide that is produced is related to producing the fabric, your superpower could already be consciously looking at the composition of clothes before buying them. Next time you buy clothes, prefer products made from viscose and lyocell, which have been made from cellulose pulp. These biodegradable fabrics do not produce more rubbish that pollutes nature.

You can capture the excess CO2 in the air!
This superpower lies in planting trees because it is the forest that binds carbon dioxide from the air.

Carbon is definitely essential in the atmosphere, keeping the heat that radiates onto Earth so it does not escape, but an excess amount of heat may turn the climate system upside down. The forest is Estonia´s carbon bank and young growing trees bind most carbon from the air.

Under the initiative of RMK, more than 20 million tree plants are planted every year, helping to keep the balance of the Estonian climate. This is double the amount of people living in Sweden. In May, over 1,300 climate heroes gathered on RMK´s forest plantation days all over Estonia and planted more than 57,000 small tree plants.

The reserve of the state forest in Estonia – and also the carbon reserve – has quadrupled in the last 60 years, mainly thanks to forest management.

You can tame the greenhouse gases!
The key to fighting the CO2 emissions caused by human activities lies in changing the behaviour of people.

It is becoming more common to have several cars per family and reducing distances covered on foot. Everyday comfort does have its price. In 2017, the gross emissions of greenhouse gases were 20,9 million tonnes. Right behind the largest polluter, which was electricity and heat production, the transport sector came second with the percentage of emissions being 11.7% of Estonia´s total amount (Environment Agency). The carbon emitted by one person driving a car for one year could be balanced by planting at least 30 trees in a year. For the entire lifetime, this would mean about 2,000 trees.

Changing habits requires long-term dedication but it has a long-term impact as well. You can release your superpower already by making small changes – when going to work in the morning, prefer public transport, and if possible, make your rides comfortable and carpool with a friend; cover short distances on foot.

There is a climate hero in every one of us – release your superpowers!