Research at RMK

Changing environmental and economic conditions require from a forest manager flexibility, innovativeness and new knowledge to cope in the changing circumstances. To support the commissioning of relevant applied research, RMK has convened a research council consisting of scientists and experts in the area.

The research council is guided in its activities by the rules of procedure (in Estonian) approved by the resolution of the supervisory board of RMK.

In selecting applied research projects, the priority is versatile and sustainable forestry capable of implementation in Estonia, which involves ecological, economic and social areas of research.

For 2011-2014, RMK has allocated 766 940 euro (12 million EEK) for the performance of applied research.

The Research Council has approved the list of priority research topics (in Estonian) and awaits project applications for applied research to tackle the research topics.

The project application form is available here (in Estonian).