Forest administration

The operating area of forest administration makes sure a balance is maintained between using and growing forest. People working in the operating area of forest administration appraise forest stock, organise operations with land needed for RMK’s activities, plan and estimate silviculture works, and make sure that our forest is used in as diverse a manner as possible.

The operating area of forest management includes 18 forest districts, the Silviculture Department, Forest Administration Division, Nature Protection Department, Forestry Improvement Department, Hunting Department and Land Management Division.

A forest district plans the renewal, cultivation, use and protection of the state forests managed by RMK and assesses silviculture performance. There are a total of 18 forest districts in Estonia – one in each county, except in Pärnu and Ida-Viru Counties, each of which has two forest districts. A forest district is managed by a forester, specialists are employed in a forest district, and silviculture works are planned and their performance is assessed by forest rangers in sections of forest divided into forest areas.

The Silviculture Department coordinates the work of forest districts and devises long-term objectives for silviculture.

The Forest Administration Division takes stock of the forest and provides an overview of how much state forest grows in Estonia and how much of it may be felled sustainably.

The Nature Protection Department establishes where and what kinds of nature protection works need to be undertaken in order for biodiversity to be preserved. The Department commissions the Division in the forest management operating area and assesses the quality of what is done.

The Forestry Improvement Department has an overview of forest roads and drainage systems administered by RMK and plans and commissions designs for their renovation and reconstruction. The Department hands completed designs over to the Forestry Improvement Division in the forest management operating area, to carry out the necessary works.

The Hunting Department organises the rental of six hunting areas used by RMK. The Department coordinates the use of all of RMK’s forest land for hunting.

Land Management Division ensures the management of issues relating to RMK’s lands. Accruing lands are entered in the land cadastre; based on various needs, cadastral units are divided into parts, and agreements for the use of the land are concluded with interested parties.

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