Moving about in nature will become easier with the help of RMK’s new app  25.06

As of today, 25 June, everyone interested in nature will be able to download the new RMK Mobile App, with the help of which it will be easier to move about in nature and make plans to do so. With the help of the new app people moving about in nature will be able to receive relevant information on the closest hiking trails, camping opportunities, campfire sites and other popular RMK attractions.

According to Kaidi Jõesalu, RMK Nature Information Guide, the new application was created with the needs of those moving about in nature in mind. “RMK is the primary creator of marked hiking trails in Estonia, and as such it is our obligation to ensure that people are guaranteed easy access to camping related information. Since today’s world has shifted strongly from computers to mobile phones, it is time for RMK to be where the people are – on their mobile phones,’ said Jõesalu, as she explained the reasoning behind the new application. Jõesalu highlights user convenience as an important aspect. ‘If it is made easier for people to rest in Estonia, then perhaps next time they will choose a local holiday opportunity instead of a flight. This, in turn, helps to preserve the environment and allows people to take a closer look at nature in their homeland,” added Jõesalu.  

The new application puts together important information that an individual moving about in nature may need. The application includes the areas in which RMK’s hiking routes and hiking trails are located, the locations of all of RMK’s attractions, instructions on how to arrive, provisions and photos. By positioning the location of the user, the application allows one to find the objects that are located closest to an individual. If you want to look for RMK objects within specific regions, then this possibility also exists. A major bonus is the Land Board map, which serves as the base map for the application, with the help of which the smallest roads and paths within nature can be found.  

Since moving about in nature is growing in popularity, it is important to ensure the safety of those moving along hiking trails and to reduce their likelihood of getting lost. With the help of path lines displayed in the new application, it is possible to keep an eye on one’s trajectory and make sure that the selected road leads to the desired location. “If one loses sight of path markings while moving along forest roads, it is easy to use the map within the application to get oneself back on the right track,” confirms Jõesalu.  

RMK’s new application ‘RMK Loodusega Koos’ is available in Estonian, Russian and English, for devices operating on iOS as well as Android software. The application was developed by the IT and business services provider CGI Eesti.