Felling-free season begins on 15 April 14.04

Tomorrow begins the annual spring felling-free season in state forests during which all fellings are paused for the nesting of animals and birds and the focus is shifted to planting trees and maintaining the forest renovations.

RMK will traditionally pause all fellings from 15 April to avoid damaging the forest soil, which becomes soft after the melting of the snow, and not to disturb birds and animals during their nesting.

This year, the felling-free season is planned to be two weeks longer than usual – a total of two and half months,” Tavo Uuetalu describes the RMK plans. While during the previous years we have still conducted sanitary cuttings from April to June, this year we will also forego those to minimise disturbance.”

“We are also planning to carry out the deforestation work for infrastructure objects with national importance outside the felling-free season,” he adds.

Places where the fellings have taken place to control the European spruce bark beetle, RMK will take away the trap trees, which they took down before 15 April and left there for the beetles – this work cannot be completed at any other time because beetles inhabit the trees in the spring and summer.

RMK has planned their supply of wood in a way that the contracts can be fulfilled and the clients will not be without their supply.

RMK will have its 20th annual spring felling-free season.

Further information:
Tavo Uuetalu
Member of Management Board, RMK
504 5069

Olavi Andres
Chief Specialist at RMK’s Forest Management
504 2302