RMK invites everyone on Nature Day tours 25.07

The State Forest Management Centre organises more than 30 tours within one week from the 13th of August to introduce everyone to the beautiful places and natural heritage in Estonia.

For example, you can see the footprints of Kalevipoeg in Neerutis, explore the Põlula Fish Farm as well as make your own spruce resin ointment in Lahemaa or on Hiiumaa. Among others, you can also learn why the bog is more valuable as wet rather than drained land and what needs to be done to make the drained areas watery again.

The tours, organised all over Estonia, are free for everyone and they aim to draw attention to the beautiful nature worth discovering in Estonia.

“The state forests have many beautiful spots that nature lovers might’ve visited on their own, but everyone will definitely find an interesting tour for them from our selection,” Kristjan Tõnisson, Member of RMK’s Management Board, notes. All the tours are guided by RMK employees, including employees from the Nature Conservation Department who know about how these places and natural heritage have emerged and if and what type of work has been completed for restoring and maintaining them.”

According to him, some are surprised that work needs to be completed to preserve nature and they rather believe that nature should be left alone.

“However, nature often needs the help of society so that the characteristic species of the area can find a suitable habitat, and can inhabit and remain there,” Tõnisson notes.

Last year’s Nature Day tour to Mustjõe flood meadow in Valgamaa.

For example, the fact that cattle are munching on grass on coastal pastures and the grass is cut is not caused by the location of the premises of the animals’ owners but rather it is necessary for biodiversity.

“A lot of work that is completed for the wellbeing of nature requires a lot of time and the results don’t come fast, nevertheless it won’t be fruitless – for example, in many places toads are now singing and this is a result of the restoration work of their habitats.”

To participate in the RMK tours, please register here: https://loodusegakoos.ee/eesti-looduse-paev
You can also get more information about the tours there.

This year, the Estonian Nature Day’s slogan is ‘Know and keep your homeland’s nature and culture.’

The Estonian Nature Day began, under the leadership of RMK, in 2018 when the Republic of Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary. Back then, all RMK’s visitor centres organised various Estonian-themed events on the 18th of August and the celebration of Estonian Nature Day’s huge community hike culminated in a final party in Aegviidu.

This year, the White Night on 20th of August at Elistvere Animal Park, which also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the animal park, finishes up the week dedicated to Estonian Nature Day.

14th of August is also part of the hiking week – the birthday of the Vaika Bird Reserve in 1910. At this time, the Riga Society of Nature Explorers and Parish’s church manor signed a lease according to which the ownership of Vaika bird islands were transferred to the public for five former czarist golden roubles for six years.

Further information:
Kristjan Tõnisson
Member of Management Board, RMK
+372 5691 8728