RMK restored observation towers and hiking trails from Loodenina to Taevaskoda are waiting for new visitors  17.02

Last year, RMK established and renovated 22 sights.

“Last year, we focused on establishing new and modern sights,” said Head of RMK’s Visitor Management Department Marge Rammo, highlighting the key milestones of last year. “For example, we completed the observation tower of Simisalu in Järva County, the campfire site and hiking trails of Tiksoja in Tartu County, the park infrastructure of Keila-Joa in Harju County and the bridge in Large Taevaskoda in Põlva County. Among others, we renovated the observation towers of Kõnnu-Suursoo and Loodenina in Harju County and Saare County, the boardwalks of the nature paths of Endla Lake and Selisoo Bog in Jõgeva and Ida-Viru County and the hiking trail of Tilleoru and camping area of Palojärve in Põlva County.”

The beloved Kilingi-Nõmme Forest House, which was unfortunately destroyed in a fire last year, got an entirely new look. Additionally, Rammo cannot but point out the completion of the Hiiu County strand of RMK’s hiking trail – there are many distinctive and unique places from Kallaste cliff to Kõpu lighthouse and dunes.

There are many distinctive and unique places from Kallaste cliff to Kõpu lighthouse and dunes. Photo: RMK

RMK’s hiking trails were used 2.85 million times last year. The most visited recreational areas of last year are Keila-Joa Park around Tallinn (343,000 visitors), those on the north coast of Lake Peipus and Alutaguse National Park, such as Oru Park with (270,000 visitors) and the Nõva recreational area (218,000), the most popular protected areas were the national parks of Lahemaa (161,000) and Soomaa (98,000).

“Due to the hot beach weather and cancellation of traditional events, the volume of visitors decreased a bit compared to 2020, but simultaneously the number of visitors increased on our recently renovated objects,”Marge Rammo remarked and was delighted that people have adopted the renovated objects. For example, if previously 11,000 visitors came annually to the hiking trails and campfire site of Tiksoja, then now 32,800 visited it.

If previously 11,000 visitors came annually to the hiking trails and campfire site of Tiksoja, then after the completion of the new trail and campfire site, 32,800 people visited it. Photo: Kaidi Jõesalu

RMK’s Elistvere Animal Park also attracts visitors with any weather. Last year, there was again a record number of visitors - 80,598. Among others, with the tour of Santa Clauses in December, Bear Karoliina celebrated her 24th birthday, who instead of hibernation, rolled around in a cake made out of fish, quail eggs and fruit and made children happy. Deer Tuule, Wolf Koroonius and other habitants of the animal park welcome visitors all year round.

At the 15 visitor centres and three nature houses of RMK, visitors could take part of guided and self-guided programmes – a total of 47,163 people participated. 237,000 people participated in notified events such as study and hike days, theme nights and others.

RMK Visitor Management activities costed 7.3 million euros which was used for the maintenance of infrastructure on RMK’s recreational and protected areas, the preservation of the landscape’s state and the organisation of activities that promote nature awareness. The revenue earned from visitor management activities and EU grants covered 0.8 million euros out of the spent sum.

Inspiring hiking trails and recreational areas as well as guidelines on how to visit nature responsibly can be found on the Loodusega Koos mobile app and home page https://loodusegakoos.ee/en.

RMK aka the State Forest Management Centre, manages almost 30% of Estonia and 47% of all Estonian forests. RMK is the keeper, protector and manager of all forests and other diverse nature biomes belonging to the Republic of Estonia. RMK grows forests, maintains the values associated with nature, earns income for the government by managing its forests, creates opportunities for physical activity in nature and spreads knowledge about nature.

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