Starting today, you can get your Christmas tree from a state forest! 24.11

RMK is inviting everyone to choose their Christmas tree from a state forest. You can find locations of Christmas trees and payment information on RMK’s “Loodusega” app and the RMK website

“Visiting a state forest and choosing the perfect Christmas tree with friends and family has always brought people joy,” said Andres Sepp, RMK Chief Forester. “We will also continue the tradition this year and invite everyone to choose their Christmas tree from our state forests. Along with a beautiful tree, you will also be bringing home a joyful Christmas spirit.”

Christmas is the time for spending time together: a trip to the forest with family or friends to get a Christmas tree will give everyone a peaceful and joyful Christmas spirit. RMK has been offering Christmas trees from state forests since 2008 to help preserve this wonderful festive tradition.

Christmas trees can only be taken from places where they have no potential to grow to their full height, such as roadsides, near ditches and under electrical lines as well as under older trees. You can find a helpful online map on RMK’s mobile app or on RMK’s website This map will pinpoint your location and guide you to the nearest suitable place for cutting down a Christmas tree.

The trees must not be cut in young forests or nature reserves. A young forest can be identified by uniformly maintained trees that are mostly of the same height. Protected areas are coloured brown on the map and are clearly marked with signs in the forest.

RMK’s cooperation partner Elektrilevi reminds everyone that if you choose a tree growing beneath a power line, you should first make sure it is safe to cut it.

You should pay for your Christmas tree before cutting it using a mobile app or a bank transfer. A Christmas tree under 1 m costs 3 euros, 1-2 m 8 euros and 2-3 m 13 euros. It is also possible to buy even taller Christmas trees. The prices can be found on the RMK website. You must have the confirmation of payment with you when you are in the forest – it might be checked by RMK or Environmental Board employees.

“This year, the opportunity to select a Christmas tree will be introduced by three very different families who each have the perfectly selected and decorated trees for their own homes,” said Sille Ader, Head of the RMK Communications Department. “Just like families themselves, Christmas trees can also look very different: they have different heights, densities and branches. Everyone can choose a Christmas tree that is perfect for them from a state forest. However, the final look of the tree depends on how the family decorates it.”

RMK’s goal is to make sure people who do not own a forest can also choose a Christmas tree and take part in this wonderful tradition as well as give people a reason to plan a nice trip to the forest.

Further information:
Andres Sepp
RMK Chief Forester
+372 505 5932

Sille Ader
Head of the RMK Communications Department
+372 5666 5896