The environmental establishments support Ukraine with vehicles, electric generators and other equipment  25.03

Ministry of the Environment with the establishments of the their jurisdiction sends technology and equipment to Ukraine which is used to help both civilians and military.

They are sending a total of 21 small trucks and off-road vehicles along with 13 bulletproof vests, 13 computers, electric generators, night vision devices, radio transmitters, mobile phones, radiators, work clothes, lights and other equipment. All the vehicles have passed a technical inspection and they are operating well.

RMK, the Environmental Board, the Environment Agency and the Estonian Environmental Research Centre have put together the humanitarian aid shipment. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence are responsible for the transport of the shipment.

Ministry of Environment has previously donated 300,000 euros via the Estonian Rescue Association to increase the fire prevention and containment capacities of Ukrainian firefighters. This money was used to send necessary equipment and technology to Ukraine. (Read more here:

Further information:
Gerly Mägi
Chief Specialist at the Ministry of Environment’s Public Relations Department
5394 6601