Heritage culture on outings

We have completed the first inventory of all the counties and mapped around 38 000 objects out of which only 5000 objects are located in state forests.

The cultural heritage objects are found in state forests all over Estonia, but you can particularly notice the abundance of highlighted history on the RMK recreational grounds.

Koiva-Gauja established the cultural heritage maintenance and preservation area, which has found a very active use now, in 2010 in the frames of the Estonia-Latvia programme. You can acquaint yourself with the area with the help of Koiva-Gauja heritage culture path map and the information about the heritage culture as well as through RMK Pähni Nature Centre.

RMK Oandu Visitor Centre in Lääne-Viru County has specialised in introducing the forest heritage. The building of the visitor centre itself, which was built as a residential and office building for the manor’s forest manager of that time in 1860, is a decorous heritage culture object. There is also plenty of forestry heritage in the surrounding forests: stands of various introduced species, forest ranger cabins, resin tapping areas, forests for shipbuilding timber etc.

RMK nature centre expositions, nature education programmes and events introduce the forestry history and the cultural heritage found in the state forests.

We invite tourism companies to add decorous cultural heritage objects to their hiking trips introducing Estonia. You can use Land Board’s data base to help find suitable objects: http://xgis.maaamet.ee.