Sale of firewood

Firewood accounts for approximately 15% of the total quantity of timber sold by RMK.

The annual average sales volume of firewood is close to 0.6 million m³ and all local tree species are found amongst firewood. RMK sells firewood, which may consist all decidious species or only coniferous.

Firewood is sold at an auction and negotiated price under contracts of extremely varied length. The smallest quantity available for sale is a truckload, and in this case an instrument of delivery and receipt for timber will be signed. The largest quantities are sold under long-term contracts of up to 5 years. At least 85% of firewood is sold under long-term contracts.

Insofar as firewood is used quite extensively in Estonia as a means of heating by households, RMK is providing the option to order it in the form of three-metre logs, also organising firewood transport directly to the consumer. It is possible to order hard or spruce firewood. RMK is accepting 10 m³ and 24 m³ orders for firewood. 

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