Over the decades, Estonia’s state forest has been managed sustainably. Logging has not exceeded increment; when forestry activities are carried out, efforts have been made to avoid environmental damage as much as possible; and a significant portion of the state forest is strictly protected.

In the international timber trade, certification of the origin of timber has become increasingly important. Many timber products only have a market to sell into if the timber used to make them is certified. To ensure selling opportunities for Estonian timber and products made using it, RMK offers its customers certified timber. RMK has been awarded two sustainable forest management certificates — FSC® and PEFC.

Both are widely recognised global schemes for assessing sustainable forest management, under which compliance with set standards is confirmation that the forest is being managed in a balanced manner, in environmental, social and economic terms. Preference for timber with either label depends on the market.


Founded to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests, the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international independent non-government, non-profit organisation.

In certification of its compliance with FSC’s requirements, RMK has been issued a forest management and supply chain certificate: Code  SCS-FM/COC-008521 .
FSC licence code is FSC-CO22757


The PEFC forest certification scheme was set up in Europe in 1999 to promote sustainable forest management and, above all, to involve smaller forest owners.

In certification of its compliance with PEFC’s requirements, RMK has been issued a forest management and supply chain certificate with code TT-PEFC-FM020.