Sales of wood chips

Based on this model, RMK would have the potential to sell up to 250 000 m³ of cuttings per year. Due to forest protection restrictions and the limit of economic efficiency, the entire volume cannot be exploited. The actual volume of cuttings harvested depends on the sales potential of the wood chips. Tapping the entire volume of cuttings and brush presupposes a sufficient number of consumers and the location of the point of consumption no more than 70 km away from the source. Furthermore, the availability of access roads and long-term storage facilities are important.

In 2016, wood chips accounted  5% , approximately 180 thousand m³, of RMK’s sales volume.

RMK aims to facilitate the increase in the role of renewable energy sources in Estonia’s energy balance. As a result, RMK participates in calls for tenders by energy producers, with wood chips also sold under procedures with negotiated prices and public auction, for which sales notices are published in the classified advertisements section.

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